February 2016
Jeff Munroe

Very few people are truly happy with their sleep quality and energy levels. Unfortunately, most people assume "that's just the way it is." In reality, poor sleep and low energy levels are completey curable -- you just have to know the right tricks.

This article will show you those "tricks". It will show you how to obtain superhuman levels of energy, so that you can live happier and be more productive.

But first, take a moment to imagine a life where...

How is it that some people can get by just fine on 6 hours of sleep or less?

You probably know someone like this.

These people often brag about how they slept only 4 hours last night.

These people seem to be OVERFLOWING with energy... As if they just suck in energy from the air around them.

These people are naturally productive. They don’t use “will power” or “self-discipline” to fight through everyday tasks – motivation and productivity are their NATURAL, default states. To them, productivity just happens.

If you’re one of these people then this page really isn’t for you.

If you want to learn how to BECOME one of these people, then read this letter carefully—word for word.


First, a personal story.

My name is Jeff Munroe. For some time I’ve been running a sleep advice website called SleepWarrior.com.

Long ago, sometime in my 20s, I was struck with a severe case of tiredness and fatigue.

I was a graduate student at the time. I got by on caffeine and stress hormones.

All that caffeine and stress worked fine at the time. It gave me just enough artificial energy to study and pass my exams. But it came at a cost.

If you’ve ever experienced this type of overworked lifestyle, you know that the stress catches up to you -- It caught up to me. And it hit me hard.

After a few years I felt completely burned out. No motivation. No energy. My tank was on empty.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

You see, the problem is that when you’re stuck in a rut like this, you can’t even find the energy to get yourself out of the rut. You might as well be stuck in a well.

Sure, I half-heartedly tried some of the basics:

This became too frustrating to handle.


Well… the good news is there’s a solution. A relatively simple solution.

It largely comes down to sleep quality.

Not quantity, but quality.

As you probably know, your brain enters different sleep stages while you sleep:

All too often people struggle with tiredness and lack of motivation because of too much light sleep and too little deep sleep and REM.

A typical adult’s sleep pattern might look like this:

Notice how little deep sleep is obtained (almost none). Since light sleep is nowhere near as powerful as deep sleep, the brain tries to compensate by sleeping for 9 hours or more.

Even when you do wake up, you’ll feel groggy and irritable.

Paradoxically, this is also the case of insomnia – the brain isn’t properly “trained” to enter the deep stages of sleep, so it tends to hover in wakefulness and the lighter stages of sleep without getting any real rest.

It all comes down to Deep Sleep and REM.

The simple “trick” to boosting energy levels and getting by on less sleep is to train your brain to include more deep sleep and REM in less amount of time – to get the need stages more efficiently and waste less time in light sleep.

And how exactly do you to that? Well, to get more deep sleep and REM you need to exploit your brain chemistry. You need to find the right "tricks" to optimizing your serotonin, melatonin, cortisol, and dopamine cycles. If you don't understand, keep reading.

So with the right tricks (which I'll reveal soon), it’s entirely possible to start sleeping like this:

If you can manage the above sleep pattern your life will change forever – it’s really that simple.

By cramming in more deep sleep and REM in less amount of time, you’ll wake up sooner, wake up easier, and have a consistent stream of energy throughout the day.


In case you’re wondering what happened to my story…

Yes, I did fix my energy problems. I can honestly say that I now have more energy than I know what to do with.

Fixing my energy problems wasn't hard, BUT there's definitely a "right way" and a "wrong way" to go about it.

No matter how much effort you put into having more energy, if you're going about it the wrong way, you won't get results.

If you've ever adopted the following myths, you're likely going about energy/productivity improvement the wrong way:

Myth 1: Your energy levels are solely determined by how much sleep you get. If you feel tired, you need more sleep.

I now sleep about 6 hours per night, yet I have more energy than when I slept 10 hours per night. Deep sleep, REM, and neurotransmitter/hormone balance is far more important than sleep amount.

Myth 2: Quitting caffeine is necessary for more energy and better sleep.

Many people try to quit caffeine to regain their natural energy. Caffeine is much more complicated than that. When taken at the right time in the right amounts, caffeine can be mostly harmless.

Myth 3: Waking up in the morning with a jolt of energy requires self-discipline.

Many people struggle with energy in the morning. They try to fix this by "training" themselves to wake up to alarm clocks, or they immediately go for the cup of coffee. When your hormone cycles are working perfectly, you'll receive a morning jolt of energy without any effort. The morning hours are meant to be the happiest, most energetic hours of the day.

Myth 4: Mental focus and productivity require self-discipline.

It amazes me how many people try to adopt some "productivity system" to get the most hours out of the day. In reality, if your dopamine levels are at a nice, steady high, productivity will just happen. Life really doesn't have to be hard when your body's is working with you.

Myth 5: Poor sleep quality, insomnia, and difficulty falling asleep are the result of some psychological "disorder".

Many people try to fall asleep by forcing it. But your brain's natural sleep mechanism doesn't respond to "effort".

In reality, sleep quality is largely determined by a healthy serotonin system, as well as healthy melatonin production. It's true that psychology plays a part, but its role is not as big as many people think.

When you optimize your serotonin and melatonin systems, naturally high quality sleep just happens. No effort or willpower is required when your brain chemistry is working for you instead of against you.


Again, if you've adopted these myths (I know I have), don't feel bad -- but realize that believing these myths is precisely the wrong way to go about maximizing your energy levels.

Over the years I had to struggle with finding the right way to go about this problem. But once you know the right way, it's easy -- everything fits together nicely like puzzle pieces.

It doesnt matter if you sleep too little or too much -- if you have low energy and want to fix it, you have to find the right way to go about it.

Once I figured out the right way it was only a matter of weeks until I ...

In fact, if I really have to, I can get by on 4 hours and STILL have more energy than I used to. I’ve found that I can’t really do 4-5 hours per night consistently, but when times are tough it sure is nice to sleep that little and function perfectly fine during the day.

The combination of tripling my productivity AND gaining an extra 2 hours each day has been enormously powerful. And this isn't about "self-discipline" or "will-power". “Getting things done” is just something that HAPPENS when you’re in the right mental state.

Sleep is more powerful than most of us realize. There’s literally a fountain of pure energy just waiting to be used. But without maximizing the ever-important Deep Sleep and REM stages, you're letting much of that energy go to waste each night.

Learning to obtain this kind of powerful sleep is certainly one of the most useful and overlooked life skills you can have.


Let's cut to the chase -- all of these lifestyle "tricks" have been explained in detail in my book, The Power Sleep Program.

The Power Sleep Program: A proven, step-by-step guide to:

  • Double your Energy
  • Triple Your Productivity
  • Eliminate Tiredness
  • Wake Up with Ease
  • And Get by on 6 Hours of Sleep (or Less)

The Power Sleep Program will show you the right way to optimizing energy levels, productivity and sleep quality. It will show you exactly how to optimize your brain chemistry to include more Deep Sleep and REM in less amount of time.

And it will show you exactly how to optimize your energy during the daytime so that you have 16 to 18 hours of 100%, laser-focused, wide-eyed mental clarity every single day.

Sources of information range from the latest neuroscience research, sleep science research, nutrition, fitness, and longevity research — all tied together with personal experience from myself and other "Power Sleepers".

Here’s what’s been included in the program:

In the end, The Power Sleep Program is about joining the elite few who live day to day on superhuman levels of energy.

The Power Sleep Program is a 130-page guide. It is not full of the "usual" sleep advice. If you want a book telling you to "eat right" and "exercise" then there are plenty at the bookstore. The Power Sleep Program is completely different. It's all about unlocking the "secrets" behind those who are constantly flowing with energy. It's a guide on how to become one of those people.

Specifically, it's about exploiting your brain's neurochemistry to maximize your energy states and maximize your sleeping states. It's about controlling your melatonin, cortisol, serotonin, and dopamine cycles so that you become a naturally high-energy, productive person. No effort, no will-power. Just working with your body's neurochemistry so that you have no other choice but to be energetic and productive.

I hesitate to call The Power Sleep Program a "quick fix" solution -- But trust me, once you know the right way to maximizing your energy and sleep quality, it becomes easy. After a couple weeks of testing out this information you'll almost feel like you're cheating.

Why wasn't I aware of this before?

I would love to get into more detail, but it's all explained in depth in the guide.

You can order The Power Sleep Program for $29 (ordering information below).

In addition to the 130-page guide, you will receive several bonuses:

Bonus #1

The Complete Guide to Sleep and Energy Supplements

  • Discover the best supplements that increase energy levels.
  • Discover how melatonin can help you wake up earlier.
  • Where to find the highest quality manufacturers.
  • Find out how to increase your Deep Sleep and REM with 5-htp.
  • And more.

$9.50 value. Included free with The Power Sleep Program.

Bonus #2 (Premium Package Only)

Zen to Done

  • The Ultimate Simple Productivity System by Leo Babauta from ZenHabits.net.
  • Due to its elegance and simplicity, it's one of the few "productivity systems" really worth pursuing.
  • 83 pages. Professional design.

Normally sells for $9.50 -- Included for free in The Power Sleep Program (Premium Package)

Bonus #3 (Premium Package Only)

Energy Booster MP3

  • Give your brain a "caffeine boost" with this 10-minute brainwave entrainment MP3.
  • Uses binaural beats to entrain your brainwaves to a 18Hz state, which increases alertness, productivity, and mental energy.
  • Listen 2-3 times a day while you work. Not designed for continuous use, but for the occasional boost.
  • No need to lie down. No need to close your eyes. Just continue to work and let the entrainment work its magic.
  • Headphones required.

$10 value -- Included for free in The Power Sleep Program (Premium Package)

Bonus #4 (Premium Package Only)

Sleep Induction MP3

  • Listen to this 30-minute MP3 as you fall asleep.
  • Binaural beats will entrain your brain down to the theta and delta sleep states.
  • Perfect for those who have difficulty falling asleep. Let the entrainment works its magic so that sleep becomes automatic.
  • Also great for those who fall asleep easily. Give your brain a "shortcut" into the deeper stages of sleep to effortlessly improve sleep quality.

$10 value -- Included for free in The Power Sleep Program (Premium Package)

Ordering Information

The Power Sleep Program is available in two packages: The Basic Package and The Premium Package.

Both packages include the main 130 page guide, as well as the first bonus. The premium package includes 3 extra bonuses:

Item Basic Premium
The Power Sleep Program -- Main Guide (130 pages) ($29 value)
The Complete Guide to Sleep and Energy Supplements ($9.50 value)
Zen to Done ($9.50 value)  
Energy Booster MP3 ($10 value)  
Sleep Induction MP3 ($10 value)  
Total Value $38.50 $68

You will only be billed once ever.
Instant Download after Payment

The Basic Package is sufficient for most -- it contians the 130-page main guide, which will show you exactly how to double your energy and maximize your sleep quality.


Still on the fence?

Consider this:

How many hours do you sleep per night? Imagine if you could get by on 2 hours less…

That’s an extra 2 hours per day for the rest of your life.

That’s investment.

And how many hours of natural, highly-energized, effortless productivity do you have per day? Imagine if you could raise that to 16 to 18 hours.

If you value your time at (at least) $10 per hour, then in just a few days The Power Sleep Program will pay for itself. (Yet the benefit stays with you every single day for the rest of your life).

Again, that's investment.


Yes, this program includes a money-back guarantee.

The Power Sleep Program 8-week money back guarantee.

Here’s the bottom line.

If you order the Power Sleep Program, read through it, and don’t like it, then send me an email.

I won’t ask you any questions or give you a hassle. I’ll give you a 100% full refund, you can KEEP the Program, and we can walk away friends.

My address is jeff@sleepwarrior.com

You can use the program for a full 8 weeks (56 days). Again, if at any point during that time you decide you would like a refund, just email me.

You have no risk in trying the program. All the risk is on me.

Don't hesitate to take your test-drive.

Click here to order the Basic Package ($29)

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To your happiness and success,

Jeff Munroe

P.S. The Power Sleep Program is unlike anything ever released before. This is NOT full of the usual sleep advice. It's an extraordinary guide that gives extraordinary results. If you're sick of being tired, or otherwise ready to start living life to the fullest, then you won't be disappointed. The Power Sleep Program is truly about joining the elite few who live on superhuman levels of energy.

There's a reason why some people have as much energy in their 50s as they did when they were a child -- Hint: it's not about "will power" or "self-dicipline"; it's about brain chemistry, neurotransmitter function, and other "advanced" topics, ALL which are covered in detail in The Power Sleep Program.

Remember, there's no risk involved -- I will honor a full refund if you're not 100% happy with the product. But I have complete faith that this guide can change your life for the better. I hope you're as excited to check it out as I am in sharing it with the world.

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